Thanksgiving Wines

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Thanksgiving is a day of the ultimate feast. So what wine pairs best with this feast?   Forget about the traditional food and wine pairing as there are too many food varieties and flavors in addition to the turkey such as cranberry, cinnamon, sweet potato, etc. And what about appetizers and dessert? 

It’s best to serve different wines so guests can choose what they want to drink but will also be versatile enough with go with the various dishes  While chardonnay tends to be the popular choice, offer your guests other wines they may not have tried or expect.

Sparkling wine is a great way to start off your celebration feast as an aperitif to pair with appetizers.  

For white wines, Riesling with its acidity and fruitiness will pair well with sweet potatoes, turkey and herb stuffing.  Gewurztraminer with its spice and aromatics is also a good choice.

For red wines, look for something not too high in alcohol.  Lighter wines such as Pinot Noir or Beaujolais will pair well with turkey.  If you want something more intense, try a Zinfandel which will go with richer sides such as your stuffing. 



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